Development and Integration

We provide world-class SCHLIX CMS development and support. We specialize on web application, e-commerce (coming soon in March 2020) and web services and we can perform everything from new feature requests to integration with other systems.


We do not provide public web hosting, however there are many web hosting companies that are compatible with SCHLIX CMS. It is compatible with most PHP/MySQL web hosting companies (see system requirements) with control panels like CPanel, CyberPanel, VestaCP, ISPConfig or Plesk. SCHLIX CMS can also be automatically installed on shared hosting providers if either Softaculous or Fantastico F3 is available on the platform. Please note that unless otherwise specified, we have not tested these service and we are not affiliated with them and the listing below is not an endorsement of any kind. The following list is compiled based on internet search. If you are a web hosting company offering SCHLIX CMS hosting and would like to  be listed here for free, please contact us.


Aliyun/Alibaba Cloud
Amazon AWS

Shared Hosting

Known Host
A2 Hosting
Kualo (GB)
Hoopla (New Zealand)
Host ISO
Web Hosting Magic
HostForLife (EU)
Web Hosting Srbija (Serbia)
Webspace Inc
Ideon (Brazil)