Frequently Asked Questions


CMS stands for Content Management System, a software application used to create, store and manage content.

SCHLIX CMS is a high performance, multi-site content management system that allows users to build and manage websites and blogs with ease. The mini framework within SCHLIX CMS governs features such as content versioning, permission, scheduling,, search engine friendly URL, sitemap generation and more. When you have a website, you may have additional needs for certain functionalities or integrations with other system (e.g. social media widgets, Google Analytics, chat, etc) depending on the  requirements.

SCHLIX CMS is made to be modular so website owners can extend the functionality of their websites by downloading the plugins that they need from SCHLIX Extension Gallery. Also, anyone can implement features or add functionalities by writing their own plugins (application, block, macro, theme, etc) with SCHLIX Plugin Creator.

If you're a web developer, you can simply focus on writing the code without worrying too much about having to re-implement everything such as URL routing, backend admin view, how to implement versioning, hook, etc. These will be taken care of by SCHLIX CMS so you can focus on delivering the functionalities needed by website owners.

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SCHLIX CMS (the main program) is free under SCHLIX Shared Source License and the update is also free.

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For commercial support, it costs CAD $128/hour if you opt for hourly billing. There are different support plans as well as per project billing as well.

There are plenty of resources for free support as well. We always answer if you post a question in the forum. We also allow other companies or freelancers to provide support for SCHLIX CMS once they have demonstrated their proficiencies in SCHLIX CMS.

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You can post your feature request in the forum. If you need a commercially supported feature or would like to sponsor/fund a feature, please contact us.

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You can check the demo and showcase section on this site. Please note that unless specified/noted, those sites weren't built by us. The majority of those sites were developed by web agencies using SCHLIX CMS.

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Yes, SCHLIX CMS will have an e-commerce functionality (as an extension) at the end of 2020. It's configured with automatic tax rule for 127 countries, many shipping & payment plugins.

Read the following announcement for more info:

Note: USPS, Fedex, DHL and Purolator shipping plugins will be available a little bit later. 

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Web Developer/Designer

We host our own git repo privately using Phabricator and Gogs. We do have a Github account, however there's not much in it.

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For most people, editor & web designer knowledge is sufficient and the learning curve is quite small as many add-ons can be found from the Extensions Gallery.


  • Basic knowledge on operating WYSIWYG editor.
  • Basic understanding of HTML5 (heading H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, paragraph, div, a, img, link) in case the HTML source needs to be edited.

The following is required if you'd like to develop your own SCHLIX CMS theme:

Web Designer/Front-end Developer

  • Understands HTML5, CSS3, and basic Javascript. Knowledge of JQuery is desirable.
  • Understands CSS framework such as Twitter Bootstrap 3/4. Knows how to structure grids with row and column.
  • Understands how to customize SCHLIX CMS view template.
  • Understands how to create a SCHLIX CMS theme. You can download Plugin Creator from Extensions Gallery and create a blank starter theme).
  • Understands basic PHP
    • basic if-else, for, foreach to output array (for instance, if you want to display articles under certain category).
    • knows how to HTML encode variables with <?= ___h($variable_name) ?>
  • Knows how to use Chrome/Firefox Developer Tools to inspect HTML elements and debug Javascript
  • Knows how to use editor such as NetBeans, Eclipse, VSCodium or Sublime.

The following is required if you'd like to develop a plugin (application, block, macro):

Web Developer (Back-end)

  • Basic understanding of HTML5 and CSS3 is desirable.
  • Programming language: PHP
  • Understands Javascript (Ecmascript 6). Understands the new class in Ecmascript 6 (class definition and inheritance, static members)
  • Knows how to use SCHLIX Plugin Creator (can be downloaded from Extension Gallery from within SCHLIX CMS)
  • Knows how to create SCHLIX CMS plugins (application, block, macro and theme)
  • Knows how to use Chrome/Firefox Developer Tools to inspect HTML elements and debug Javascript
  • Knows how to use editor such as NetBeans, Eclipse, VSCodium or Sublime.
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We have a built-in importers for different CMS and there's one on the Extensions Gallery as well. If you need a commercially supported solution, please contact us.

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If you'd like to create your own SCHLIX application, do the following steps:

  1. Read the documentation, specifically the Development section
  2. Read the TLDR version of the extension development guideline
  3. Download Plugin Creator from SCHLIX Extension Gallery
  4. Create your own plugin and start coding
  5. Register an account and submit your plugin to Extension Directory so others can download it via Extension Gallery.
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