Latest Extensions

  Update - September 22, 2020: The manual ZIP download for extensions (excluding themes) have been disabled. Please download directly from within SCHLIX CMS - Extensions Gallery.
  Starting with v2.2.1+ (Oct 2019), you are recommended to download directly from within SCHLIX CMS (click Extensions Gallery) instead of downloading the ZIP files manually from this page. The manual ZIP download is provided for older SCHLIX CMS and will be deprecated at the end of 2020. You can do one-click upgrade everytime there's a new release and the view has categories. If you can't find the extension that you want, please post a suggestion in our forum. If you know PHP, you can also create your own extension with Plugin Creator and publish it here.

Please note that not all extensions here are officially made by SCHLIX.



Shoperatus (BETA version) is an e-commerce solution for SCHLIX CMS. Currently it has 16 payment plugins (2 commercial, 14 free), 16 shipping pluggins (5 commercial, 11 free) and  over 127 automated tax rules, . Note: ionCube Loader must have already be installed for this extension.

Baidu Tongji (Analytics)

Baidu Tongji (Analytics) Baidu Tongji is Chinese analytics app.


Umeng+ Umeng+ is an analytics service provider from China.

Scribd Embed

Scribd Embed This macro is useful to embed a scribd documents in the middle of content text schlix CMS

Finviz Widget

Finviz Widget This macro is useful to embed a finviz chart in the middle of content text schlix CMS

Mailchimp (unofficial)

Mailchimp (unofficial) Mailchimp is the leading email marketing platform, that lets you send out fully customized email and newsletter campaigns to your subscribers.


Oembed oEmbed is a format for allowing an embedded representation of a URL on third party sites. Currently supported  oEmbed services: Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Twitter, SoundCloud, Facebook and amCharts.

Trading View

Trading View This macro is useful to embed a trading view chart in the middle of content text.

Algolia Search

Algolia Search An alternative site search function for SCHLIX CMS using Algolia Search.

Plugin Creator

Plugin Creator

This development utility helps to generate a skeleton code template for SCHLIX CMS plugin development (app, block, macro, and theme). Requires SCHLIX CMS v2.2.0 or later.