Latest Extensions

This section is currently a work in progress [March - July 2017].

Image Gallery

Image Gallery

Easy to use, simple to manage, web photo gallery for SCHLIX CMS. This extension is a reference implementation but can be used for production with little modification. Uses JQuery Mosaic Flow for the frontend to display and arrange images with multiple width/height.

Download Manager

Download Manager Provides a document and download manager with optional stats for SCHLIX CMS. Automatically calculate SHA1 checksum on upload. Please set up the allowed file extensions from the Configuration before using this.

Guest Book

Guest Book If you're ever feeling nostalgic of guest book like in the 90s and want to include on in your website, this application is for you. Includes flood control as well. Requires browser with Ecmascript 6 compatibility.

Prism Highlighter

Prism Highlighter Prism syntax highlighter for SCHLIX CMS.

Syntax Highlighter

Syntax Highlighter

Syntax Highlighter is an easy to use macro for highlighting code snippets in SCHLIX CMS. This code highlighter is supported by about 18 programming languages and has 17 theme styles to define. 

Plugin Creator

Plugin Creator This development utility helps to generate a skeleton code template for SCHLIX CMS plugin development (app, block, macro, and theme). Requires SCHLIX CMS v2.1.0 or later.


BasicTTS BasicTTS is a text to speech module converts article text to speech using meSpeak.js. Suppports English, French, Germany, etc from the configuration. Has both male and female voice.



XMLRPC Server enables offline editing of your website with desktop-based blogging tool like Windows Live Writer, Open Live Writer, or Scribe Fire. Please note that this extension is still in BETA.

Twitter Timeline

Twitter Timeline Display embedded Twitter timelines on your website. Please note that the block requires Widget ID, which you can get from your Twitter.com widget settings.

Google Translate Block

Google Translate Block

Google Translate Block is language translator widget for SCHLIX websites. This allows your website to show a Google language Translator on the block area and can translate web content to different languages.