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Last Update: May 3, 2019
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Robust Content Management System

SCHLIX CMS is a high performance, multi-site content management system that allows users to build websites and blogs with ease. It's open, extensible, scalable, and able to handle high load traffic. With its intuitive and easy to use interface, SCHLIX CMS will save your time and allow you to accomplish more with your site.

Feature list

SCHLIX CMS Interface

Open and Customizable

As a platform, SCHLIX CMS is designer and developer friendly. Whether it's the theme stylesheet, view template or custom code, you can override virtually anything in your sub-site without modifying its core. SCHLIX CMS also integrates well with Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation CSS framework, reducing the time necessary for a designer to create a responsive website.

For developers, our open API provides database abstraction, user management, granular permission, search engine friendly URLs, caching, template, theme and so much more. The robust capabilities allows you to focus on developing your application without having to worry about those things.


Want to build an online magazine, a corporate website, a university/college website integrated with PeopleSoft®, online directory with search system, or custom web application? With its extensible scaffolding system, SCHLIX CMS allows you to do so with ease while writing less code. You can extend the software’s functionalities and create your own extensions with SCHLIX Plugin Creator.

SCHLIX CMS Customization

Granular Access Control

SCHLIX CMS access control list system permits specific control over the user groups. You can designate who has access to parts of your site and allow centralized administration of access settings.

Search Engine Friendly

SCHLIX CMS is search engine friendly. Use the built-in XML sitemap generator for easy website submission to Google, Bing, or Yahoo. All tags, keywords, content and URLs can be targeted to any languages. For instance:

UTF-8 Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Vietname URL


CMS Sample

Built with security in mind

We understand that security is important and we strive to write a better, more secure code and ensure that everyone who uses SCHLIX CMS is secure. Updates are delivered quickly and systems can be updated in a single click with the auto updater without any worry of overwriting your modification.

Plenty of support

We'll give you the support you need to build your website. You can visit our forum and ask questions, or you can contact us for a prioritized service. We are ready and willing to help you out in whatever way you need it.

Security conscious

SCHLIX CMS is now available on

  • Softaculous
  • Netenberg Fantastico F3
  • Odin Service Automation
  • Plesk
  • Microsoft Windows Web Gallery
  • Docker


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Compatible with both Apache and IIS (Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows)