Guest Book

Guest Book If you're ever feeling nostalgic of guest book like in the 90s and want to include on in your website, this application is for you. Includes flood control as well. Requires browser with Ecmascript 6 compatibility.

Simple Comments

Simple Comments This is a commenting extension so your site visitors can put comment on  your site. Please note that when you install this, it will install the macro and the block as well. To activate the commenting section, go to Macros and enable the simplecomments macro. Built-in feature: CSRF protection, anti spam and Flood Control to prevent spammers.

Disqus Comment

Disqus Comment DISQUS comment macro integrates DISQUS online comments service into SCHLIX CMS. It makes commenting easier and more interactive, while connecting websites and commenters across a thriving discussion community. DISQUS includes realtime comments, inline media embedding, mobile commenting, social integration with Twitter, Facebook & other services and great moderation & anti-spam tools.