Latest Extensions

Pinterest Image Hover Button

Pinterest Image Hover Button Pinterest Image Hover Button makes your content images pinnable, appearing only when someone mouses over an image on your website. It’s a subtle reminder to visitors that they can save what they like to Pinterest.


SoundCloud Displays songs and playlists from SoundCloud.

Share This

Share This

A quick and easy sharing tool that allows your users to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more. Must have a sharethis.com publisher account.


AccordionTabs AccordionTabs macro helps you format tab and accordion without having to fiddle with the HTML source. Must be used on a Twitter Bootstrap-based template


VideoTube VideoTube is a macro that helps you to easily embed video in your content from the following services: Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Twitch.tv, MetaCafe, Maker.tv, Youku, QQ Video and RuTube without having to tinker with the iframe tag

Calendar Stamp

Calendar Stamp

This macro displays the article's created date in a nice way beside the title. It comes with 33 different styles and colors.

Note: you may want to disable the date created section in the buit-in displayarticlemeta macro to avoid duplicate date display.