Bug Reports

Search not working

Trash ·
After Blog search in the footer is carried out @ the result page search doesn't perform next search.

i.e. https://demo1.schlix.com/search/?keyword=ipsum

If now You try to perform next search, nothing happens.

As well some places in the admin area the drop down menu for items per page is out of monitor if not reduced left vertical menu to icons.



Trash ·
Also if the search keywords are like [travel zaire] "travel"+"zaire" wont give any search result.

The search as [travel to zaire] will find this post:

Travel to Zaire

Search should be improved.

Trash ·
Travel to zaire should be hyperlink in the prewious reply.

prana ·
Hi Tom,

Thanks for the bug report. I am about to release an update in a couple of weeks (mid April). This will get looked at.