Feature Requests


mmjanloo ·

Do not be tired

I want to import my schlix content management system into my country

And give this cms to your servant for my country

I will also promote this schlix in my country

Just like *****, which is in our country *****

I wanted to know if I could give a special representative who I could only bring schlix into my country.

Thank You

mmjanloo ·

at the top

Just like *****, which is in our country ***** mains

Just like schlix, which is in our country schlix


prana ·
hi mmjanloo,

sorry, no posting external link to those sites, but I do get what you mean, thanks.

I'd say, check back in a few months because right now the focus is build more extensions.


mmjanloo ·

mmjanloo ·

With the release of your CMS, there are a few things happening in our country


1- Increase your rank due to increased hits

2. Distribute your CMS in the world

3-Translate your CMS in our language

4. Introduction of CMS in our country

5- And more

Well, now I want to give you a complete representation for my country

That is, my only slave schlix player in my country.

So here's a double-sided profit.

Now I want to know the possibility of presentation?