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Admin Panel

kgw ·
If I go to Admin Panel I noticed the Tools menu is BELOW the bottom of the screen and I cant get to it.
Is there a fix?
Monitor Resolutioion issue?

prana ·
Hi kgw,

What's your screen resolution? I'm going to have a look. This seems like a bug and shouldn't have happened. We never noticed because our devs usually use 1920x1080.

kgw ·

prana ·
For the time being, the solution is to maximize the window. I believe it should be visible at 1920x1080 (full screen).

But I understand the issue, the responsive view needs to be changed based on height as well.

We'll do more testing on our end and fix this in the next release, which is about 4 - 6 weeks from now.

Let me know if you have further suggestions on this for the time being.