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Blog Section Title

JCaristena ·

When I try to edit

the text content of light blue sectionof

the Blog section page

In Admin Default Main Page Options

in the

Main page introduction text

once you try to edit and save

here comes the error message:

DB Error - Could not run query: UPDATE gk_app_items SET `app_alias` = 'admin' WHERE title = 'blog' Error:Duplicate entry 'admin' for key 'app_alias'

Any chance to fix ?

prana ·
Hi JCaristena,

For the blog app, it's not possible to change the application URL alias to "admin" as it is a reserved keyword for /admin. Even if you change it at the database level, it will cause issues.

I highly recommend to change it as something else other than "admin".

We'll add an error message so it won't give you the pink error, however the behaviour of the save function will still be the same.