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Delete Blog folders in Admin Panel Control

JCaristena ·

How can I delete the Blog folders inside the Admin Control Panel ?

I tested so many times, but it seems worthless.



kgw ·
I have this issue and cant get an answer either.

My suggestion?

If you have access to the SQL database, Back it up and then delete the Folders in there.

I also had to do this with the blog posts as Schlix wouldn't delete them either.

The good news? After deleting them and creating folder and blogs, I was able to delete everything from the Schlix back end

prana ·
Click "Home", then select all the checkboxes for the folders. Then the "Delete" option will appear. The delete button won't appear until you've selected some items.

carlos ·
Hello, I have also tried to delete a folder in this way that you indicate and it is impossible. It gives an error, attached image detailing the error.

prana ·
Hi Carlos,

We'll test & investigate and incorporate the fix in the new release for June (if this bug exists in the latest 2.2.2-1). There has been some disuptions on our end for the past couple of months, but we're now back up and running.