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Forum is back online

prana ·

This forum is back online after system upgrade to v2.0.0 ALPHA and it is now mobile friendly.

After a long period of hiatus from 2013, SCHLIX CMS v2.0.0 is out with the following notable features:

  • Multisite installation

  • Updated backend GUI

  • Many bugfixes

  • Separation of web and system folder to make it easier for backup, upgrade and other system operations

  • New Twitter Bootstrap-based demo theme is included

  • Better email handling system (in order to accomodate the upcoming newsletter app that can run > 50,000 users).

This is an ALPHA version and after a BETA and RELEASE CANDIDATE, a final v2.0.0 should be around the corner by December 2016.

Please note that the demo on this site is still running v1.x. There are still a few app that is still disabled on this site, pending completion of upgrade to v2.0.0.

prana ·
Please note that the forum user registration is still disabled but it will be open next Monday (July 25, 2016)