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Setup blog upon sign up.

ybc36 ·

I am not sure where to post this but I have yet another question. how can I set up the signup page where users can immediately set up their own blog? Also, if that is not possible what other steps can I take to ensure users will be able post on it? Will I have to manually create one for each user? Maybe the answer is staring me in the face but for right now I am very confused.


prana ·
Hi ybc36,

If I'm understanding you correctly, it means you want a blog for each user. This feature isn't available yet. The current blog feature is for the whole (sub)site only.

It is a good suggestion though and I will consider adding it for v2.2.x (mid-year 2018)

ybc36 ·

No problem. That would be awesome. I'll work with what I have.

everton ·
Hi team Schlix.

Do you have set the Schlix System to Multi-user with individuals website?



prana ·
Hi everton,

Sorry for the long reply. We just got back. Yes, it is a multi user website. Each separate instance (installation in a different directory) is capable of multi-site (with multi-user) within that instance as well.