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Update to 2214

JCaristena ·

I had to update manually the whole process.

There were too many error messages, when I went to Settings for automatic update.

So I had to do it manually, but doing update manually is tricky.

You have to do it carefully.

I hope the update process will be in the future smooth and much more easier.

Thanks !

prana ·
Hi JCaristena,

Yes, the upgrade process from 2.1.x to to 2.2.x does need a bit of manual intervention due to differences in the database table structures. I'm glad it's finally fixed on your end.

For others - if you have trouble upgrading, please refer to this document:


JCaristena ·

Once I backup the database structure and the content ,

I deleted from the website the whole Schlix CMS application.

Then I made a new installation upgrading to 2 2 1 4 .

I have a question .

Can I copy and paste the old database sql script on the new one ?


prana ·
Can I copy and paste the old database sql script on the new one ?

Actually, there's no need to delete the old website at all, as of v2.2.1-3, there's an additional file named manual_upgrade.php in the /install folder. Open that file and there's an instruction (commented out). Even if you copy and paste the old database SQL script, you will still need to run manual_upgrade.php (or fixupgrade.php in that documentation)

If you delete the old website, any link in your theme with old references to /js/bootstrap3 must be replaced to /skins/bootstrap3 if you use the built-in boostrap3 files.

1) Copy both manual_upgrade.php and upgrade.php from /install directory (in the ZIP file) to the root directory of your website where the file and index.php resides

2) Manually run http://your-website-address/manual_upgrade.php

Let me know if it still doesn't work