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Upgrade to New Version

JCaristena ·
Once I login , I go to
SCHLIX Updater

to upgrade from

Current Version: 2.2.1-6


New Version: 2.2.2-1

But it only says "Please wait while downloading..."

How can I upgrade automatically.

Manually will be a stress for me.

Please help me !!!

prana ·
Hi JCaristena,

Apology for the delay. It should be working okay unless your web host blocks outgoing https connection (some hosts do this).

If you need to perform a manual upgrade, Simply overwrite the files with the new one, then please refer to (the context is different, but the procedure is the same).

DonGibson ·
Hi everyone, I tried to update and I lost the salesforce that I integrated, can someone help me with this or should I contact someone from the salesforce?