The following is a list of built-in SCHLIX CMS features excluding add-ons/extensions. Please read the full system requirement as well.


  • Basic requirement: Apache 2.x or IIS 7/8 with PHP 5.6+/MySQL 5.5+
  • Requires mod_rewrite for Apache and URL Rewrite 2 for IIS
  • Pluggable API with four types of extensions:
    • Application
    • Block
    • Macro
    • WYSIWYG editors
  • Compatible with Azure, AWS.
  • Load balancing is doable as of v2.0.x
  • Page caching
  • Multi-site with separated database
  • EU Directive 2009/136/EC Compliance
  • UTF-8 support with UTF-8MB4 support planned in 2018
  • Bootstrap 3.x and 4.x support
  • Zurb Foundation compatible
  • Email queueing
  • Email retention (in /web//data/private)
  • Customizable email templates (system and user defined)
  • System scheduler (similar to Unix Cron)
  • Javascript: SCHLIX UI is compatible with JQuery and does not interfere with it
  • Fonts: included Algreya, Montserrat, Open Sans, Source Sans Pro, and Font Awesome by default
  • Current backend uses JQuery/Bootstrap 3 with SCHLIX UI
  • Custom multi-level menu for Bootstrap 3.x and 4.x included by default
  • Custom app/block/macro PHP class override in the subsite



Content (all)

  • WYSIWYG Editor (included CKEditor and TinyMCE in core)
  • User group permission based content viewing. e.g. only enable viewing of certain articles by certain user group
  • Custom macro definition
  • Content scheduling - set a future date as well as expiry date
  • Drag and drop navigation (copy, move) for objects
  • RSS support
  • Friendly URL (requires mod_rewrite for Apache or URLRewrite 2 for IIS7/8)
  • Search by keyword (all) and tag (only if enabled in the class)
  • Metadata
  • Backend and frontend editing (must enable FrontendEditControl macro)
  • Insert image, video, font icon
  • Syntax highlighting for HTML source
  • Content versioning and rollback
  • Insert block in the middle of content either by position (category) or single block name
  • Customizable view templates (all files with .template.php can be overriden)



Web Pages (content)

  • Hierarchical categories (folder)
  • Custom category view options
  • Custom item view options


Blog (content)

  • Image (can also be different for summary/detail view)
  • Multi-category for blog posts with hierarchical categories
  • Custom category view options
  • Custom item view options



  • Drag and drop operation (insert before/after, insert as a submenu)
  • Menu divider
  • Multi-block menus - you can have any number of menu blocks



  • Google Maps geocoding (requires Google Maps API key)
  • Google Maps view
  • Captcha to prevent spam
  • Hierarchical contact categories





  • Multiple slideshow
  • Image resize on upload
  • Custom image size




  • Multi application search,  enable or disable based on application



  • PBKDF-2 hash encryption for password as of v1.2.x
  • Automatic update with just a single click
  • Cross-site Request Forgery detection on all POST (including AJAX)
  • Codes are manually checked for SQL injection as well as XSS
  • IP ban
  • Captcha



  • Public profile view (can be disabled)
  • Registration (can be disabled)
  • Email activation for registration (can be disabled)
  • Captcha
  • LDAP authentication via addon is available
  • Audit trail

Search Engine

Search engine optimization

  • Metadata
  • Rich data (based on schema.org definition)
  • SEO URL for any language (including non-ASCII) - Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, etc.
  • Built-in Google Analytics support
  • XML sitemap for search engine submission (Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu)