Plan for the first half of 2017

SCHLIX CMS has evolved from its 1.x days as the development was restarted in June 2016. Overall, it is much more user friendly and the performance is much better. The development still continues, so here's our plan for the first half of 2017 based on feedback from content writers and web designers.

  • More extensions (currently we only have about 25 apps/macros/blocks), this number is still very low and it will change soon.
  • Integrated Market app where you can install/uninstall extension automatically. Developers can also submit their extensions.
  • Changeable backend admin theme so you can add your own logo (done).
  • Configurable WYSIWYG editor options with customization for each user group.
  • Newsletter app for marketing capabilities. This should be done before October 2017.
  • Better blogging capability with multi categories and better tagging.

If you have more ideas on how we can improve the system, drop us a line in our forum.

Thank you to those who keep using SCHLIX CMS! In the mean time, we have recently released v2.0.7 (a minor bugfix, specifically for ISPConfig 3 based install with a few other minor bug fixes).

Category:  General News