SCHLIX CMS 2.1.2 has been released

SCHLIX CMS v2.1.2 (build #1) has been released today. This is mainly a bugfix release. Changes:

  • Fixed: Drag and drop cursor on items was not using the "move" cursor (CSS)
  • Fixed: Menu item could not be dragged (Menus)
  • Fixed: Menu status could not be changed (Menus)
  • Fixed: Macro config was not returned correctly and thus saved macro config was not executed
  • Fixed: Search button in /search was not coded properly
  • Fixed: Double notification after extension installation was fixed
  • Fixed: Backend datatable rows per page Javascript event was not firing properly
  • Fixed: PHP7 only - preg_match_all PREG_JIT_STACKLIMIT_ERROR while loading configuration file (config.template.php) in the backend
  • Updated: TinyMCE to v4.6.1
  • Enhancement: File upload now detects max server upload size (Media Manager, Bootstrap Slideshow) before the files are sent
  • Enhancement: Media manager will sort by directory first
  • Enhancement: Backend search function in all applications

Download it here.

Category:  Release