SCHLIX CMS 2.1.5 released with new features: JSON feed and Open Search

SCHLIX CMS 2.1.5 has been released today with new features: JSON Feed (in 'blog' application) and Open Search (in 'search' application). JSON Feed was recently created by Brent Simmons and Manton Reece and we want to encourage the adoption of JSON Feed, since it is lighter than RSS. OpenSearch XML was also added to the search application. We have also added the JSON feed link to the two sample themes included in the release.

Other than the two new features, most other changes in this release have been focused on bug fixed on Windows/Apache/PHP (IIS/PHP have always been okay). Apparently there have been some issues for development under Windows using WAMP Server and EasyPHP. This is due to the default thread stack size in the default Apache settings if you use mpm_winnt_module. We have issued a workaround specifically for development servers in Windows using WAMP Server and Easy PHP. IIS/PHP/MySQL stack, Linux and OS X stacks are not affected.

Category:  Release