SCHLIX CMS v2.0.3 has been released

SCHLIX CMS v2.0.3 has been released. There is quite a few number of improvements, with Frontend Edit Control macro being the most notable one. You can now visualize the block categories and its items in your theme.

CMS Frontend Edit Control

The second most notable improvement is the configurable default category & item options in many applications.

CMS Default Category Options

Full Changelog

  • New: frontend edit control allows you to visualize block and edit article from the frontend (please activate it from Macros if you are upgrading from a previous version)
  • New: new tag schlix-config:meta_options for config file
  • New: user avatar can now process animated GIF
  • New: you can now change the main application for frontpage to anything other than html
  • New: HTMLHeader adds a shortcut method to call JAVASCRIPT_JQUERY2 and JAVASCRIPT_JQUERY3
  • New: core CMS updater also appears on the first load and automatically checks every 3 days. This option is configurable as well in the Global Configuration
  • New: Added temporary directory
  • Improvement: reduced number of SQL queries generated from system scheduler
  • Improvement: default item, category, and main page options in the configuration file. It is now uniform accross all cmsApplication classes
  • Fixed: user avatar thumbnail generation
  • Fixed: datetime picker layout and colours
  • Fixed: Theme installation should always set the status to 1
  • Fixed: Transparent PNG thumbnail generation
  • Fixed: Pagination had an extra space, making it problematic when using Semantic UI 2
  • Fixed: Box borders of hidden columns in datatable were still visible
  • Fixed: Blocks parameter was incorrectly swapped when calling Macros
  • Update: JQuery 2.1.4 to JQuery 2.2.2, also added JQuery 3.1.1
  • Update: Bootstrap 3.3.5 to 3.3.7
  • Update: TinyMCE 4.3.12 to 4.5.0 and other plugins
  • Update: CKEDitor 4.5.8 to 4.6.0
  • Update: Font Awesome to 4.7
  • Deprecated getSortableItemFields becomes getSortableItemColumns (old method kept for compatibility purpose)
  • Deprecated getSortableCategoryFields becomes getSortableCategoryColumns (old method kept for compatibility purpose)
  • Deprecated getItemMetaOptions becomes getItemMetaOptionKeys in html's parent class (old method kept for compatibility purpose)
  • Deprecated getCategoryMetaOptions becomes getCategoryMetaOptionKeys in html's parent class (old method kept for compatibility purpose)
  • Global: If the page title has the same name as application description, only one will be added to prevent duplicate (setPageTitle)


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