SCHLIX CMS v2.1.8-1 has been released

SCHLIX CMS v2.1.8-1 has been released. We have added a few new security features in this release. When you login to the backend, the system will perform the following checks:

  • Possible malicious users (only for sites with registration enabled) including their IP address.
  • Possible malicious files (e.g. PHP script uploaded to image folder)
  • List of all world writable files and directories

The system will then attempt to fix them automatically and the report can be downloaded from /web/[your-website-name]/data/private/quarantine. This folder is inaccessible from the user's browser and the content must be manually downloaded via SFTP or FTP.

Note - there's v2.1.8-2 release that fixed the false positives and System Updater user interface issue as the automated security check ran immediately after the upgrade and thus causing a JSON error. If you've upgraded to v2.1.8-1 and got an error message right after the upgrade, you can ignore that error.

Category:  Release