SCHLIX CMS v2.1.9-0 with a revamped admin interface

SCHLIX CMS v2.1.9-0 has been released. A couple of notable changes:

  • Revamped admin interface for better editing experience. Quite a few of our users have made a comment last year that the dark interface has made it harder to read and navigate on the backend. We've restored the original theme and provided a new styling as well. We will make the dark theme as a configurable option later.
  • Free map hosting for the Contacts application. If you are web design agency or even just a regular user who can't to pay hundreds of dollars of billing for Google Maps, we've replaced Google Maps with OpenStreetMap, hosted on our own tile server (, with CDN delivery to ensure fast browsing experience across different geographic regions. You don't need to enter Google Maps API key anymore in the Contacts application. Since this took quite some effort to implement, we've pushed back other features that we promised earlier. If you have any extensions that require mapping solution, you can use our server for free as long as your website is implemented with SCHLIX CMS and that the load requirement is reasonable.

SCHLIX CMS v2.1.9-0

If you have any questions, please post your question in the forum.

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