SCHLIX CMS v2.2.1 with Extension Gallery has been released

SCHLIX CMS v2.2.1 has been released with an integrated Extension Gallery (App Store) where you can download extension directly from the CMS without having to manually download it from our Extension Directory. We also now welcome publishers who'd like to publish their work to showcase their work and be linked from our website. The first phase, which lasts until end of December 2020, will be open for open source extensions, with commercial offering planned to be open in January 2021.

Other notable changes include:

  • Installation/removal of extension now requires administrator password
  • Automated installer bug fix - missed 1 parameter during config file generation
  • French translation bug fix
  • Font Awesome Free has been updated to v5.11.2
  • Change email and change password dialog under Users administration have been improved with better user interface
  • Inclusion of manual_upgrade.php for manual upgrade in a more restricted hosting environment or if the automated upgrade fails for any reason

Download it here.

Category:  Release