Last Updated: 2020 Jan 12
tawkto Real-time support to your visitors

Live chat software to monitor and chat with visitors on your website or from a free customizable page. Note the key from https://www.tawk.to.

  • Personalized and real-time customer service
  • Monitor traffic on your website and be there when visitors need you most
  • Proactively initiate a chat with your website visitors and app users
  • Built in support desk and ticketing system
  • free iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX apps to stay connected, or you can log in via any modern browser

tawk.to offers add-ons to enhance your customer support experience:



Homepage: https://github.com/calip/block_tawkto

Download CMS version compatibility Release date Stable
block_tawkto-1_0.zip (version 1.0.0) v2.1.0+ 2019-Dec-30 @ 05:00

Note: to get this extension for your website, please refer to the documentation on how to install an extension in SCHLIX CMS.