Image Gallery

Last Updated: 2019 Sep 17
Image Gallery

Easy to use, simple to manage, web photo gallery for SCHLIX CMS. This extension is a reference implementation but can be used for production with little modification. Uses JQuery Mosaic Flow for the frontend to display and arrange images with multiple width/height.

Contains both application and macro. The macro uses Slider-Pro to display the album in the middle of any content text.

Note: as of August 2019, this extension has been deprecated and replaced with the built-in Gallery application in SCHLIX CMS (v2.2.x series).

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Download CMS version compatibility Release date Stable
combo_imagegallery-1.2.2.zip (version 1.2) < v2.1.9-1 2017-Nov-23 @ 00:22

Note: to get this extension for your website, please refer to the documentation on how to install an extension in SCHLIX CMS.