PHPMyAdmin Bridge (BETA)

Last Updated: 2019 Dec 20
PHPMyAdmin Bridge (BETA)

Database administration tool with single-sign on for SCHLIX CMS.

As seen in the screenshot below, this is PHPMyAdmin running within SCHLIX CMS. The current version included is v4.9.2. This tool is useful if your website is hosted in an environment where you can't install PHPMyAdmin. Using this extension is more secure than installing PHPMyAdmin in a separate directory.

Please note: You should only be using PHPMyAdmin Bridge extension if your website is already using https, otherwise all the database content will be transmitted in clear-text over the internet.

We have made the following effort to secure this tool:

  • Configured PHPMyAdmin with single sign-on authentication. Unauthenticated visitor will not be able to access PHPMyAdmin directly.
  • Disable and clear PHPMyAdmin session when you log out.
  • Disable all except the web server's IP address to access the token function. Even if brute-forced, the IP address restriction nullifies the effect. You can add an extra IP address allowed to access the token function if it's hosted behind a proxy/firewall (in the case where the outgoing IP address is not the same as the server's IP address).


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Download CMS version compatibility Release date Stable
app_phpmyadminbridge-1_0.zip (version 1.0) v2.2.1-3+ 2019-Dec-20 @ 23:53

Note: to get this extension for your website, please refer to the documentation on how to install an extension in SCHLIX CMS.