Lazy Load XT

Last Updated: 2017 May 05
Lazy Load XT

Lazy load images, YouTube and Vimeo videos, and iframes using Lazy Load XT. Lazy Load XT is a customizable lazy load plugin for SCHLIX CMS. This plugin works by loading the Lazy Load XT script and replacing the src attributes with data-src when the content of a post or page is loaded on the front end of a SCHLIX CMS site.

Please note that only content images (Blog, Web Pages, etc) are replaced. If you want this to work for images Images embedded in your theme, change them using data-src.

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Download CMS version compatibility Release date Stable
macro_lazyloadxt-1.0.zip (version 1.0.0) v2.1.0+ 2017-May-05 @ 17:03

Note: to get this extension for your website, please refer to the documentation on how to install an extension in SCHLIX CMS.