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Custom Header

JCaristena ·
Hi All,

In the "Blog" section

each time I try to upload an image in "Custom Header"

using one of the following methods

Select media source
>>> None
>>> File upload
>>> An existing file on this site
>>> External URL

the upload fails.

No "Custom Header" image is loaded.

This is frustrating. Why this happens ?


Joseph Caristena

prana ·
Hi Joseph,

Can you temporarily rename your current view.item.template.php in your /web/{sitename}/apps/blog/view.item.template.php or in your theme folder /web/{your-site-name}/themes/{your-theme-name}/apps/blog/view.item.template.php ?

The custom header is a new addition. For example, see ...

Let me know if it still doesn't work.


JCaristena ·

Why should I rename ?

Are you asking me to rename in which other name ?

Any webpage description name will be good ?

I am a bit confused.

Let me know.


JCaristena ·

In what name should I temporarly rename the following file:

view.item.template.php ?

Let me know .


prana ·
It's best explained in here -

Renaming it is a method just to pinpoint the issue in the template. If you rename it (instead of deleting it), then you can copy the modification that you wrote (if there's any) in that older view.item.template.php.

Alternatively, you can just copy the view.item.* and view.category.* from /system/apps/blog to your theme folder as in that documentation above.

Let me know if it still doesn't work.

AlanDolan ·
Prana, thanks for the help and for the link to useful material, otherwise I could not solve this problem