General Discussion


thinkish ·
I am just getting started with your software. My goal is to build a photography website. I am not a coder so I want to start this thread in hopes that I can learn to best utilize Schlix to build my site using the software out of the box.

I am just now studying the Docs and have a few questions. Is there an ecommerce solution for it which could work with some form of a gallery with prices per image? Do themes need to be uploaded to a "theme" folder or is it possible to install themes from your depository in such a manner as "Subrion" cms? That is all for now. Thank you for any response.

prana ·
Hi thinkish,

Currently, the e-commerce solution is still in progress and should be available at the end of December 2017 -

There is an image gallery extension here: that you can use (without the e-commerce part) and if you just want to display the price without the e-commerce you can put it in the "Summary" or "Description" box.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to ask more questions.