Extension/Plugin Development Guidelines

SCHLIX Extension Directory makes it easy for people to discover and use applications that they can use to extend the functionality of SCHLIX Content Management System.

In order for the extension/plugin to be approved, your plugin must meet the following criteria:

  • Be written in PHP.
  • Be tested and valid in both *nix (Linux/BSD/etc)  and Windows and can be run under both Apache and IIS. Be aware of the differences such as directory separators, etc. If your code only works on a specific operating system, it must be noted.
  • Offer a support (either commercial or community based)
  • Be hostable on a shared environment
  • Be safe.  Your code must not harm customers, be malicious, dishonestbe malicious, dishonest, destructive
  • Provide a privacy policy in English if it "phones home"

To learn more about plugin development, please follow this link. It is also beneficial if you learn the API. You may also use the Plugin Creator to jumpstart your plugin development.

Please note that SCHLIX is a registered trademark in Canada. If you would like to use its text or logo, please use the following guideline.