CVE-2019-11021 for older SCHLIX CMS v2.1.8-7 (November 2018)

In regards to CVE-2019-11021 for older SCHLIX CMS v2.1.8-7 (November 2018 - last year), which claimed that "admin/app/mediamanager in Schlix CMS 2.1.8-7 allows Authenticated Unrestricted File Upload, leading to remote code execution.", the analysis needs to also mention that the user who can access admin area will require an elevated superuser permission (the user must belong to [Administrators]before he/she can upload the PHP file. We also allow uploading of zipped PHP scripts to install extensions, by the way, and it's still the case even in 2.2.x.

While inadvertently allowing a PHP file to be uploaded via Media Manager was an oversight, it still requires an admin permission. We think it's pretty rare for an administrator to exploit a bug on his/her own site to own his/her own site.

It's best for security researchers to contact us first to validate a vulnerability before publishing it. Regardless, we still thank for the effort.

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Category:  Security