Schlix v1.2.6 with new features

Schlix v1.2.6 has been released with new features:

  • Google Analytics block included by default (you can place this in the header and add displayBlock('header') in your site template.
  • Filters to add block by position or by block name and banned IP filter
    New Schlix Filters
  • New backend user interface
    New Settings

If you have installed an earlier version of Schlix CMS, please download and install the new Auto Updater v1.0. This will make your upgrading task so much easier.

Schlix Updater

Also, a few extensions that were incompatible with Schlix after the migration from the old BabyGekko CMS has been fixed as of May 20, 2013  except OpenUsers, LDAP Users, and SMF Users. Those extensions are still broken and they are work in progress.

Upcoming UI changes for June 2013

In June 2013, we will release a new and updated Schlix CMS with many under the hood changes including more options for search engine optimizations.

Here's a preview of the new UI for the backend:

Schlix v1.2.6 preview

Schlix v1.2.5 has been released

Schlix  v1.2.5 has been released. This is our first release since the rebranding from BabyGekko to Schlix. You can download it from here.

List of fixes and new features:

  • Updated TinyMCE to the latest version
  • Fixed scheduler from v1.2.4 release
  • Breadcrumb provides an incorrect link if there's nothing set in the httpbase (e.g: if your site is located in the root folder instead of subfolder like /site)