SCHLIX CMS v2.1.0 released

As mentioned in late January, we wanted to provide better blogging built-in capability in SCHLIX CMS. Today, SCHLIX CMS v2.1.0 has been released with improvements focused mainly in its blogging application. The most significant change in this release is multi-category in blog posts. Blog posts can now be assigned to multiple categories as well as tags. For each blog post, the canonical URL will be set to its primary category that you assign. Tagging was also introduced as well to make it on par with other blogging platform. Introductory picture and secondary heading is also now built-in within blog app. We have also added blogarchive block and added caching options for production environment to reduce the SQL query to the database

SCHLIX v2.1.0 new frontpage - PHP CMS
SCHLIX v2.1.0 alternative blog layout

We also added a samplemagazine theme (first screenshot). The html5demo (second screenshot) theme was also slightly modified. More blog posts were added and some sample elements that still included v1.x series screenshots have been changed.

Other improvements include update of TinyMCE v4.5.4 and a new Landing Pages app. TinyMCE  default configuration was changed and media_dimensions option was set to false since it keeps interfering with responsive images. Landing Pages is an option to have a single-page website (like a brochure). It is set as the default if you install SCHLIX CMS with the sample data option turned on. Otherwise, Web Pages (html) is still the default frontend application. Please note that Landing Pages do not have the same benefit as Web Pages in term of search engine optimization. To change the default frontend application, you can configure this under the Global System Configuration menu on the backend admin welcome page.

When we first released SCHLIX CMS v2.0.x series, there was a minor regression with UTF-8 virtual file name. It could not be used at all and conflicts. This has been fixed in v2.1.x series.

SCHLIX CMS new blog layout

Another improvement is we added two options for menu item: menu divider and submenu placeholder We have added them to the sample data option so you know how to use them


Download v2.1.0 now (v2.1.0 release 2)

Plan for the first half of 2017

SCHLIX CMS has evolved from its 1.x days as the development was restarted in June 2016. Overall, it is much more user friendly and the performance is much better. The development still continues, so here's our plan for the first half of 2017 based on feedback from content writers and web designers.

  • More extensions (currently we only have about 25 apps/macros/blocks), this number is still very low and it will change soon.
  • Integrated Market app where you can install/uninstall extension automatically. Developers can also submit their extensions.
  • Changeable backend admin theme so you can add your own logo (done).
  • Configurable WYSIWYG editor options with customization for each user group.
  • Newsletter app for marketing capabilities. This should be done before October 2017.
  • Better blogging capability with multi categories and better tagging.

If you have more ideas on how we can improve the system, drop us a line in our forum.

Thank you to those who keep using SCHLIX CMS! In the mean time, we have recently released v2.0.7 (a minor bugfix, specifically for ISPConfig 3 based install with a few other minor bug fixes).

First Docker image of SCHLIX CMS has been released

The first Docker image of SCHLIX CMS has been released. You can view our repository here:

The image is running Ubuntu 16.04 with Apache 2.4, PHP7, MySQL5.7 and you can either use the command line or Kitematic (Docker Toolbox) to install it. When you pull the image, it will install the latest version of SCHLIX CMS. The minimum version compatible with Docker is v2.0.6, which has been released alongside with this Docker image.

To install the image with Kitematic, simply search for SCHLIX, and then click Create.

Docker installation

The image will then be downloaded to your machine:

Docker installation

Follow the installation instruction in the Container Logs:

Docker Kitematic log

Then once you are done, click on Web Preview. You can configure the ports here:

Docker Port

Bugfix release - v2.0.5

SCHLIX CMS v2.0.5 has been released and you can use the built-in auto-updater to upgrade your system.


  • Fixed multiple file upload function in BoostrapSlideshow app
  • Fixed Invalid CSRF verification error when clicking New Website in Site Manager
  • Fixed Mediamanager get/setLocalStorageItem
  • Upgraded PHPMailer to 5.2.21. SCHLIX CMS is not affected by CVE 2016-10033 and CVE 2016-10045 as all email addresses goes into a queue and are validated prior to being sent. Regardless, the library has been upgraded.

SCHLIX CMS v2.0.3 has been released

SCHLIX CMS v2.0.3 has been released. There is quite a few number of improvements, with Frontend Edit Control macro being the most notable one. You can now visualize the block categories and its items in your theme.

CMS Frontend Edit Control

The second most notable improvement is the configurable default category & item options in many applications.

CMS Default Category Options

Full Changelog

  • New: frontend edit control allows you to visualize block and edit article from the frontend (please activate it from Macros if you are upgrading from a previous version)
  • New: new tag schlix-config:meta_options for config file
  • New: user avatar can now process animated GIF
  • New: you can now change the main application for frontpage to anything other than html
  • New: HTMLHeader adds a shortcut method to call JAVASCRIPT_JQUERY2 and JAVASCRIPT_JQUERY3
  • New: core CMS updater also appears on the first load and automatically checks every 3 days. This option is configurable as well in the Global Configuration
  • New: Added temporary directory
  • Improvement: reduced number of SQL queries generated from system scheduler
  • Improvement: default item, category, and main page options in the configuration file. It is now uniform accross all cmsApplication classes
  • Fixed: user avatar thumbnail generation
  • Fixed: datetime picker layout and colours
  • Fixed: Theme installation should always set the status to 1
  • Fixed: Transparent PNG thumbnail generation
  • Fixed: Pagination had an extra space, making it problematic when using Semantic UI 2
  • Fixed: Box borders of hidden columns in datatable were still visible
  • Fixed: Blocks parameter was incorrectly swapped when calling Macros
  • Update: JQuery 2.1.4 to JQuery 2.2.2, also added JQuery 3.1.1
  • Update: Bootstrap 3.3.5 to 3.3.7
  • Update: TinyMCE 4.3.12 to 4.5.0 and other plugins
  • Update: CKEDitor 4.5.8 to 4.6.0
  • Update: Font Awesome to 4.7
  • Deprecated getSortableItemFields becomes getSortableItemColumns (old method kept for compatibility purpose)
  • Deprecated getSortableCategoryFields becomes getSortableCategoryColumns (old method kept for compatibility purpose)
  • Deprecated getItemMetaOptions becomes getItemMetaOptionKeys in html's parent class (old method kept for compatibility purpose)
  • Deprecated getCategoryMetaOptions becomes getCategoryMetaOptionKeys in html's parent class (old method kept for compatibility purpose)
  • Global: If the page title has the same name as application description, only one will be added to prevent duplicate (setPageTitle)


ECMAScript 6 compatible web browser is required to access the admin console

This is just a short message to let everyone know that their web browser must understand ECMAScript 6 in order to access the admin backend of SCHLIX CMS. Some older IPhone and Android web browsers as well as Internet Explorer 11 are not compatible. If you wish to use Microsoft Internet Explorer, please use Microsoft Edge instead (currently at 38.x, compatible since 14.x).

SCHLIX CMS v2.0.0 Stable is now live

After 5 beta and 2 release candidate versions, SCHLIX CMS v2.0.0 Stable has now been released. This release mainly fixes PHP7 bugs and functionalities under Windows.

Changes from RC2:

  • Fixed IIS settings and multiple bugs in PHP7, this includes some in PclZIP and SecurImage.
  • Revised generation, now uses forward slash only (/) for all directory separartors, regardless of OS
  • Fixed media manager (Windows only)
  • Fixed file and image list for TinyMCE in Windows Server
  • Site path and base would result in error if the user copies to and from Windows and Linux
  • Correctly displays font icon in the menu


SCHLIX CMS v2.0.0 Release Candidate 2 has been published. There was a decision to release another RC release before the final one for a more extensive testing.

List of fixes:

  • Fixed installer error due to last addition of SCHLIX Updater.
  • Fixed 404 error not showing up properly (was only saying that the item was unpublished)
  • Fixed media manager not showing pagination and subsequent page
  • Fixed default tab showing meta in HTML app
  • Sitemap will now use date created if date modified is null
  • Fixed menu category listing in the backend that did not correctly display upon the first load until a category was clicked
  • Fixed user account modification notification email that did not include full site URL
  • Thumbnail of PNG image with transparency is now created correctly. Previously it was only showing a white background.



SCHLIX CMS v2.0.0 release candidate 1 has been released. Changes:

  • Fixed WYSIWYG editor not saving properly with AJAX post
  • Fixed pagination
  • Fixed setLocalStorage bug in the admin main view
  • Fixed home folder not being draggable upon the first load
  • Fixed default sort issue

The final version 2.0.0 should be ready in a four weeks.

SCHLIX CMS v2.0.0 BETA 5 (Final Beta)

SCHLIX CMS v2.0.0 BETA 5 (Final Beta) has been released. This will be the last beta release. There will be one release candidate in a couple of weeks before its final release.


  • Added user avatar option
  • Simplified view templates
  • Many bugfixes

Download it here: (10Mb)