Submitting your site to the search engine

To submit your website to the search engine, you will need information about your sitemap. To get the URL of your sitemap, first navigate to Tools » Site Map from your site administration menu.

Sitemap Administration

Note the sitemap URL. If it's your first time, click Regenerate Sitemap. Once this is done, the sitemap is regenerated daily and you can change the settings from Settings » System Scheduler.

Sitemap CRON entry

Once you have the information about your sitemap URL, go to:

A. Google

The URL for Google Webmasters is Go to Search Console and click Add a Property. In the example below, we use the address

Google Webmasters Tools

Once you've verified the site ownership, then click Add/Test Sitemap, and add the URL

Google GWT Submit Sitemap

If it's correct, then the following should appear:

Google Webmaster Tools Sitemap Submitted

B. Bing

The URL for Bing Webmaster is:

Bing Webmasters Tools

Once you've added your site, you will need to verify the ownership.

Bing Add Site

Once you've added your site, add the sitemap as well:

Bing add sitemap

That's it!