Using SystemMail

$SystemMail is an instance of \App\Core_EmailQueue. The purpose of this class is to enable user to send email. Email retention is forever and this may be useful in case there is a compliant requirement.

The simplest method to send an e-mail programmatically is to use this method:

$SystemMail->sendSimpleEmailToQueue(string $field_subject, string $field_from_name, string $field_from_email, string $field_to_name, string $field_to_email, string $body_html, string $body_text, $attachments=NULL)

The email will first be sent to the queue and processed later.

 Email Queue


To send and email with a pre-defined template, use the sendEmailWithTemplateName($field_from_name, $field_from_email, $field_to_name, $field_to_email, $field_cc_name, $field_cc_email, $field_replyto_name, $field_replyto_email, $virtual_filename, $vars) method, where the $virtual_filename is the email template name and $vars is an associative array containing key/value variable name.