Best Practices

Customizing the default application

Never modify anything in /system directory

To override a specific application, block, macro, or theme, simply create a directory with the same module name in your /web/.

e.g. If you'd like to customize the view.main.template.php in /system/apps/blog/ directory, put a new replacement in /web//apps/blog/view.main.template.php. For example:

  • /web/apps/blog/blog.class.php
  • /web/apps/blog/view.main.template.php

If you have multiple themes and would like to customize the template per theme, you can also put it in /web/themes/apps/blog/view.main.template.php.

File Storage

Do not modify anything in /web/data or /web/cache directly. The files must be modified through SCHLIX API.

Using jQuery

Do NOT use the default jQuery provided in SCHLIX CMS projects for your own client scripts. Newer versions may contain a different version of jQuery, so your scripts may not work correctly after upgrading.

Best practice: Add, link and maintain your own jQuery library within the theme folder. This gives you full control over the jQuery version and helps protect your custom scripts from breaking when upgrading SCHLIX CMS.