Loading CSS and Javascript

A. SCHLIX UI (User Interface) and CMS Javascript files

To load SCHLIX UI Javascript library, simply call $HTMLHeader->JAVASCRIPT_SCHLIX_UI() and $HTMLHeader->JAVASCRIPT_SCHLIX_CMS()

You will only need to load SCHLIX CMS Javascript library in the backend in most cases, unless you need to have an admin view in the frontend as well.

B. Javascript files

To load the JQuery library that is provided in the system, simply call $HTMLHeader->Javascript(SCHLIX_SYSTEM_URL_PATH.'/js/jquery/jquery-x.x.x.min.js') where x.x.x is the JQuery version number. The reason why you need to add SCHLIX_SYSTEM_URL_PATH is sometimes a website has a base prefix, e.g. /site, instead of placed in the root folder. To load an external Javascript file not hosted in your website, call $HTMLHeader->Javascript_External instead. You will have to specify the full URL (Double forward slash (//) for autoprobing http/https is also accepted).

If you need to load a Javascript file inside your plugin (application/block/macro) folder, call $HTMLHeader->Javascript($this->getURLofScript('scriptname.js'))

C. CSS files

If you need to load a CSS file, you can use the global $HTMLHeader variable, an instance of \SCHLIX\cmsHtmlPageHeader class  by calling $HTMLHeader->CSS(), To load a CSS file inside your plugin (application/block/macro) folder, call $HTMLHeader->CSS($this->getURLofScript('stylesheet.css'))