Release Notes

System requirement changes

  • The minimum required version of PHP is now 5.6+ as of v2.2.x series
  • mod_rewrite is now required by default and no longer optional
  • multi-byte string is required

New Features


You can now choose which WYSIWYG editor you like instead of just TinyMCE. CKEditor is also included as an option


Font Awesome, Open Sans, and Source Sans Pro are now included by default

Email System

Better email queuing system

Email is now stored in the  filesystem instead of in the database for better performace

PHPMailer has now been upgraded


Logging now captures the hostname instead of just IP addresses


Password reset request is now logged

Customizable text for login, signup, change password


The app 'Template' is now called 'Theme' to make it easier to distinguish between page template and theme


The app 'Filter' is now called 'Macro'

EU Cookie

EU cookie block is now included by default but not activated. You can enable it if you need to comply with the directive


There is a built-in composer integration (web-based only, no command line interface).

Compatibility Notes

  • SameSite Cookie updated with new standards as of v2.2.5
  • CA (Certificate Authority) Bundle is now included by default as of v2.2.5
  • MySQL 8.0.22 compatibility issue has been resolved as of v2.2.5-3 (errata #3) released in November 10, 2020.

Breaking changes (functionality, data structure, API)

New class name Old class name Notes
SCHLIX\cmsDatabase Database  
SCHLIX\cmsSessionHandler SessionHandler  
SCHLIX\cmsLogger Logger  
SCHLIX\cmsSQLTable basicSimpleSQLTable  
SCHLIX\cmsConfigRegistry DynamicConfiguration  
SCHLIX\cmsFSCache -  
SCHLIX\cmsProcessMutex ProcessMutex  
SCHLIX\cmsDirectoryFilter basicDirectoryFilter  
SCHLIX\cmsHTMLPageHeader HTMLPageHeader  
SCHLIX\cmsPageOutput - Replaces displayBlock, displaySingleBlock, displayPage, etc
SCHLIX\cmsMacro basicFilter  
SCHLIX\cmsBlock basicBlock  
SCHLIX\cmsApplication_Basic basicApplication  
SCHLIX\cmsApplication_List basicApplicationLinearData  
SCHLIX\cmsApplication_CategorizedList basicApplicationSimpleCategories  
SCHLIX\cmsApplication_HierarchicalTree_List basicApplicationNestedCategories  
SCHLIX\cmsApplication_ManyToMany basicApplicationMultipleCategories  
SCHLIX\cmsAdmin_Basic basicAdmin  
SCHLIX\cmsAdmin_List basicAdminLinearData  
SCHLIX\cmsAdmin_CategorizedList basicAdminSimpleCateegories  
SCHLIX\cmsAdmin_HierarchicalTree_List basicAdminNestedCategories  
SCHLIX\cmsAdmin_ManyToMany basicAdminMuktipleCategories  
SCHLIX\cmsAdmin_PluginsManager basicAdminManager